Brill Community Fund
Brill Community Fund

The Brill Community Fund

Supporting community projects in Brill since 2003


About the Brill Community Fund

The Brill Community Fund exists to financially support, in a modest way, exclusively local projects that, in as much as is possible, can be seen to enhance the wellbeing of the whole community and its facilities.

Where does the money come from?

Over the years, the bulk of the income has come from another community co-operative, The Brill and Bernwode Oil Buying Club.

The supplying oil companies pay a bulk buying commission and it is this commission that currently supplies the majority of funds to Brill Community Fund.

Where does the money go?

A range of projects have benefitted from grants made by the fund. These include:

  • All Saints Church Fabric Fund
  • Brill Memorial and Book of the Fallen
  • Brill Radio
  • Brill Village Community Herd
  • Brill Festival
  • Brill Palace and Iron Age Hillfort surveys
  • Brill Common (FOBC)
  • Brill Jubilee Festival
  • Brill Scout hut repairs
  • Brill Youth Shelter
  • Brill School PTA Marquee
  • The Library at Brill URC
  • Brill Green Christmas Tree
  • Brill Community Cinema
  • Brill & Bernwode Community Bus
  • Ambroise Farm Forest School
  • 'The Kings at Brill' book
  • Brill Playground
  • Brill Windmill repairs
  • Defibrillator at Brill Sports & Social Club
  • Art on the Hill

In the interests of full transparency, a file, which contains all external documents, correspondence with regard to applications, responses to applications, donations, Fund committee membership, together with an on-going account of the distribution of funds and copies of the Fund’s bank statements is available to view on request.

Who can apply for funds?

Any Brill or Bernwode resident or organisation can apply. You will have to be able to demonstrate that your project has, in part at least, a real benefit for the whole community. See the applications page for more details.

Who administers the fund?

There is an allocations committee, which currently consists of three Brill residents. These are:

  • Jane Moore
  • Michael Swan
  • Tina Tremoglio
Funding allocations are made on a majority vote basis. If you wish to apply for funding please do not contact individuals. Applications are only accepted by following the applications procedure as described on our applications page.


How to apply

Applications are invited from any Brill or Bernwode resident or organisation who can demonstrate that they require funds for a project that has, in part at least, a real benefit for the whole community of Brill.

The application process

Applications must be made by completing this form. Full criteria for application are included in the application form.

Please note that all applications received and grants made are placed on the Community Fund open file which is available to anyone to view on request.



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